Ads By Aly

I design ads for dog show magazines. Please contact me if you need help showcasing your dog's recent wins!

$50 per page

I can also help with graphics (Facebook covers, banners, buttons, etc)

Pictured below are examples of my work.
Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.


Spread for Jimmie Buffett
(alternate version published)

Published version of
Jimmie Spread

original idea for July ad

another cover for
Jimmie Buffett

Potential Spread for
ReigningStarz Poms

Holiday Ad
placed in the Dec. 2011
Pom Reader

Ad for Hugo as a Special

Hugo's New Champion Ad
published in the Sept/Oct 2011
Pomeranian Review

New CH Ad in TNT
for ReigningStarz Poms

One of my favorites,
Group 1 Ad
for ReigningStarz Poms,
published in the Pomeranian Review

Concept New CH ad
for ReigningStarz Poms
(was not published)

Potential cover/ full page ad for ReigningStarz Poms

Ad in Pom Review

FB Cover for
ReigningStarz Poms

FB Cover for
BallOFur Poms

Facebook cover for
Dream Weaver Poms

Christmas Graphic for

Hugo graphic for

Page Banner for
Reigning Poms Website

I also design and maintain the websites for:

Reigning Pomeranians, Inc.